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KittyCorner is a “no kill” foster home for cats and kittens. WE provide unwanted, homeless cats with vet care, shelter, food, and love until they find new homes and new lives. Unfortunately, not all of our cats are lucky enough to be chosen by people who come to adopt. Some are a little shy, the victims of cruelty or neglect. Others have minor health problems, or they are simply a little older, and few people want an older cat. Whatever the reason, some cats have become long-term residents and may never be adopted. Your sponsorship of one of these long-term residents provides veterinary care, food and supplies for your sponsored cat. For each cat you sponsor you will receive:

  • A full color photo
  • A biography of your cat
  • A certificate of sponsorship
  • Our latest KittyCorner Mewsletter, and all future Mewsletters as they are published
  • Holiday greeting from your special friend

Only $30 a year

Download our brochure to see the cats available for sponsorship. Print and send in to start sponsoring your cat today!

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Tax deductible donations can now be made through PayPal
Tax deductible donations can now be made through PayPal
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